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The Andean Development Corporation (CAF) is a multilateral financial institution that supports the sustainable development of its shareholder countries and regional integration. It serves the public and private sectors supplying multiple financial products and services to a broad portfolio of clients, formed by the governments of the shareholders States, financial institutions and public and private companies. Its management policies integrate social and environmental variables and its operations include criteria of eco-efficiency and sustainability.

CAF has maintained a permanent presence in its shareholder countries, which has strengthened its regional leadership with respect to the effective mobilization of resources. It is now the main source of multilateral financing of the countries of the Andean Community. Between 2001 and 2005, of a total of US$28.76 billion approved by all multilateral organizations for the Andean countries, CAF contributed a total of US$15.59 billion, equivalent to 54%.

The CAFís core businesses are closely related to the two basic pillars of its mission: reinforce and expand its role as promoter of Latin American integration, and strengthen the sustainability approach in all its operations.

The Corporation aims its services at the governments of shareholder countries, and the public institutions and private companies or joint ventures that operate in them.

The range of services is similar to that offered by commercial, development and investment banks, with emphasis on optimizing the Corporationís competitive advantages in the areas of infrastructure, industry and financial systems; favoring the integration of public and private action in the shareholder countries; and strengthening its catalytic, innovative and integrationist role in the region.

For more information please visit: www.caf.com

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