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China Development Bank, founded in March 1994, is under the direct jurisdiction of the State Council. At present it has 32 branches and four representative offices across the country. Over the past decade CDB has followed conscientiously China' s macroeconomic policies and carried out its macro-control functions in support of national economic development and strategic structural readjustment. CDB has been a major player in long-term financing for key projects and supportive construction in infrastructure, and basic and pillar industries, which are vital to the development of the national economy.

As a development-oriented financial institution of the government, CDB has adhered to the principle of advancing with the times. It combines the bank' s advantage in financing with that of the government in organizational aspects and tries to realize the government' s development objectives by nurturing the market. It supports China' s economic development by building up the institutional driving power and works hard to realize the dual objectives of project funding and financial institutionalization.

We are a strong promoter in building a credit culture, and our results reflect this. Through our experience, we have learned that building a robust credit risk management system internally is not enough, education and communication to our customers on credit concepts provide the real foundation and play an integral part in the credit risk management system here in China. Starting in 1998, we have made specific efforts in introducing the concept of credit discipline to our customers. We have conducted training courses to outline their responsibilities to be prudent borrowers and their obligations to continue to receive support from China Development Bank and other financial institutions.

Although we have accomplished a lot, there remains much to be done. 2006 is the beginning of our nation's11th five-year plan. During this period, our bank has become more important to the economic and social development of China. We will continue to focus on infrastructure lending, addressing our country's social challenges, international cooperation and cooperation with other financial institutions. We will maintain our position as the driving engine of the Chinese financial services sector, continue with the effort of building a market economy and promote a balanced development of our economy and society. In addition, we want to share our economic success with other countries, especially third world countries, in support of their economic development. We will be more than happy to provide training courses to pass on our experience and expertise, and exchange information, while at the same time, accelerating the globalization of CDB.

For more information please visit: www.cdb.com.cn

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