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Banca de Export-Import a Romaniei EXIMBANK-S.A. was set up in order to pave the way of Romanian exporters to external markets including those of higher risk involved, through financial and banking instruments meant to give an impetus to Romanian economy, to spur foreign trade and generate new job opportunities.

Since 2005 the array of Eximbank activities has expanded (according to Law no. 96/2000 on the structure and operation of Banca de Export-Import a Romaniei EXIMBANK-S.A., as republished with further amendments)- which enabled the Bank to get involved in the funding of several core national areas and the SME’s, thereby exceeding the sheer interest in exports business.

The prospects of EXIMBANK’s strategy tailored to sustain exports are directed at financial and banking ways and means able to reinforce productivity and competitiveness of economic entities, hence ensuring fair competition to the Romanian products in the international markets mainly due to their top quality and technical level, as well as unparalleled peculiarity. Therefore the background is provided to the growth of key export sectors addressing domestic economy overall for a lasting development and manpower assignment.

For more information please visit: www.eximbank.ro

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